Thursday, December 2, 2010

Twin Prep!!


We are starting to get ready for the twins!!!  I'm hoping that this double stroller will come in handy at the airports, not just for the twins, but for Mark.  Bugaboo finally has a double stroller to be released Spring 2011, so I will hold onto this  new Mcclaren double stroller until then.   The Bugaboo stroller that we currently have, I'm willing to give to a good home and it is in great shape.   I love Bugaboo because it is easy to use, and it is light.  It folds down  easily and it is great to use in large cities. The carriers in the photo are great to use in India with twins.  I will not be needing them after we arrive back to the US, but I will make them available to others who are going to India to pick up twins.  The twins room is not yet done and it may not get done until we get back.  We have two bassinet's and we still have Mark's crib.  I will be shipping diapers and formula to India next week, so that we do not have to haul that stuff through the airports

Our departure date is December 19th, so we are hoping that the twins stay put until we arrive.  This will be our first time flying Turkish Air.  When I told Colin, that we would be flying Turkish Air, he immediately said that he heard not to long ago that one of there plans had gone down , so I'm feeling a little nervous.  The price of tickets at this time of year for India were outrageous and this was the best deal that we could get.  We will have a layover for 1 1/2 in Istanbul, then we will arrive in Mumbai.  I have been downloading all sorts of educational games on my Ipad for Mark.  Mark LOVES my Ipad, that of course he says is his.

Christmas will be in Anand  India, and I'm sure we will share some festivities with many the friends that we have made along the way, as Gujarat has a very high Christian population.  I did download Susan Boyle's new Christmas album, and I have Josh Groban's Christmas album.  I have been putting of work all day, so I better blog off.  I will be blogging while in India for those who want to follow along.


Mark said...

Crystal, I'm glad to hear that things are on track and it looks as if you are well prepared. I wish for you and your family, a safe travel. Even if you're on Turkish Air.
Let me be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas.
Take care.
Your Friend, m.

jon said...

You must be going a thousand directions these days. I know you will be busy but do keep us posted as you visit lovely India. Am praying all goes well for all of you!

Big hugs

coco said...

OMG crystal... i can't believe it, the twins are due any day now (that is after dec 19th). it seems it was just yesterday when you told us the news. time seems to have flown by. i am so excited and yes yes yes you must continue to post; please tell us everything. it's about time bug a boo did a double stroller, it certainly took them long enough and as high tech as they are, i simply can't understand why it has taken so long. at any rate my thoughts and prayers are with you guys.