Monday, August 8, 2011

Daddy and Mark's Trip to Toys R Us

Now that Mark is nearing 3 years old, it appears the simplest comment can take you down a long road you didn't intend.  While looking at the computer today Dad searched "robot" and mentioned casually that you can buy robots.

On the way to the toy store, Dad mentioned the name - Toys R Us - and Mark said "We aren't toys!"  Dad said, "I like that!  You're right!  Give me a high five".

The store had moved, so they got out of the car in the parking lot of the old location to ask directions to the new location.  After a passer-by gave them directions, Dad put Mark back in the car.  Not understanding both would get in to drive to the new store, Mark started to cry.  "I'm going to miss you!" he said.  In a few seconds Dad figured out what Mark was thinking and said, "Mark, I would never leave you in the car!"

In the checkout at the new location after agreeing to the cheapest robot - just $10 - Mark spied a plastic rocket on a string.  The 2 cent rocket was attached to a Toy Story flashlight.  "I want the rocket!", he said, and stuck to that decision even after being told it would mean no robot today.  That 2 cent plastic rocket sealed the sale of a 50 cent flashlight for the incredible price of $8.57.

The Happy Meal ploy - a cheap toy to force the parent's hand - had worked.  Apart from that, it was a perfect outing.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dr. Patel's American Bollywood Babies!

Mark, watching his favorite late night show with Alec.

My beautiful daughter Elle!

Alec in his favorite walker.

Mark (August 1, 2011)