Friday, January 29, 2010

Change of Plans

We have decided that Colin will fly to India, it is not worth of hassle of shipping, because you do not have any guarantees.

Shipping Sperm

It looks like we will have to ship Colin's sperm, because he is to busy at work to make the trip to India. I thought I would be able to carry the tank on the plane, but the tank weighs 28 pounds, and I cannot get a gaurantee from customs in India that I will not be hassled. With this said, more than likely I will be on a plane for India in March, for its arrival. The cost is actually not that bad. The cost of the tank is $900 but it is refundable if the tank is sent back. The cost for fed-x is $650 and that is the round trip cost. I called the cryobank in our area and everything can be done in record time, as long as you do not say that you are shipping the sperm for a donor. Should you mention anything about a donor, than your sperm will have to go through the whole process of screening, which could take months before they would ship for you.

I'm starting to get nervous once again, and I didn't think that would happen. More than likely we will use the same donor as Mark, and we are using the same surrogate and we will see what happens. If not we have a back-up plan. I want to be there for our surrogate and the implant, because I think she would like it if I made the trip. Over the next week, all of the decisions will be made and I will tie up all of the lose ends.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good News

My best friend (Najla) has a surrogate that is pregnant in Anand. Thanks Nayana for taking care of my buddy. It looks like she has twins. Mark is also feeling better from his surgery (Penile Cordee). This is common in twins. It looks like I might be back in India in March, and it is starting to feel like a second home.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Sitting with the palm reader at the Rumbaugh Palace in India, was a treat and one that I will not forget. I'm already wondering if the new year will bring about any of the predictions that were discussed in December. So far this year I had a birthday on the 10th, and Mark has surgery on the 11th. Today Mark is 15 months old, and is acting like a two year old. Daycare has been a godsend. I see the nutritionist tomorrow as I have vowed to myself, that this would be the year of good health, no matter what the cost. Colin leaves for India in March as we make another attempt at a sibling for Mark. We will use the same surrogate that we used for Mark.

Tonight we talk with ABC news regarding surrogacy in India, as Diane Sawyer is involved with the story. The experiences that many people have are very subjective, especially when most people really do not understand the Indian culture, even when they say that they do. With that said, I think the only way a reporter can really understand is to follow people who are starting the experience or who have already gone through the experience, with other people. I hope that they do not scare people away from India, especially if this is the best option for them.