Saturday, March 13, 2010

Missing my boy's!

I'm back in India, and I'm at the Madhubhan Resort in Anand.  It was so great arriving yesterday and seeing so many people that I have come to know.  Today will be a day when I just take time to reflect and possibly get in a bathing suit and hang out by the pool.  Yesterday I got to hang out a bit with Dr. Patel and took photos of some of the surrogates while they were being scanned.  Currently there are over 60 pregnant surrogates, and Anand is busy as ever. 

I'm missing  Colin and Mark, but I'm sure that they are well and that my neighbor's are all helping out. 
I will blog more tomorrow....right now I'm looking for more coffee.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mother Jones--Outsourced wombs.

After reading the Mother Jones article by Scott Carney, once again I felt nauseated by another American journalist who totally refused to honestly do his homework. The surrogate house in Anand is far better than the housing that the majority of surrogates come from. They are given nutritious meals and a clean bed, as well as an education. This compares well to other clinics. I'm aware of a surrogate at another clinic who was pregnant with twins, and she was sleeping on the floor when the intended parents arrived for the birth of the twin boys.

I always read about the women doctors who perform surrogacy in India, however the majority of surrogacy doctors in India are male. I'm sure that Scott Carney is a white male, who grew up in the US and has no clue of the reality of third world culture. If he lived in India I'm sure he would love it if he was only making $30 monthly that his wife would be so lucky to become a surrogate. This is the lottery for women in this culture who do not have many options, just as it is for American women in the same shoes. Secondly, he is incorrect about photos of Oprah being displayed throughout the clinic. Dr. Patel only has one signed autographed photo of Oprah in her clinic, and I have been to the clinic on several occasions and I have never seen more than one photo.

Thirdly, as a "Foreigner", I do love India because as a black woman I appreciate that Indian culture is tied to black culture. I can relate to India more than I can America. If Scott Carney is saying that white people only come because it is cheaper, then so be it. What's wrong with saving money?

Dr. Patel has nothing to hide. Unlike many clinics she does not use prostitutes, nor does she engage in giving people negatives just for the sake of making extra money. This is a billion dollar business and those who are corrupt will be found out sooner or later, maybe reporters from the US should concentrate on finding the truly corrupt clinics.

The Diksha that is mentioned in the article, was employeed with the clinic when our son was born, and told us then that she wanted to become a surrogate for the money We have photos with her and her two sons.  Her husband works and lives in Anand, so she didn't leave Napal to come to India for surrogacy.

Crystal Travis