Saturday, November 28, 2009

Having a blast in India!

Beth and I made it through the wedding, which lasted for 3 days in Anand. We had sari's made in Delhi, and they were just beautiful. We missed the first night of the wedding, which consisted of the surrogates performing an act for the bride and bride groom. The second night of the wedding was the Mehndi party, which I loved and will most likely get a touch up on before we leave to come back home. On the third night it was a talent show, that ended in dance and drink. The next day was the wedding which was a lot of fun, especially being with the bridegrooms family as he made his entrance on the horse and carriage. The food was vegetarian, but most of it was made right in front of you at the wedding, which was great. We were able to meet so many cool people from all over the world, who were friends of the Patels.

Today we arrived in Jaipur after a very late arrival due to Spice Jet. Just for the record, never fly Spice Jet. We sat on the runway with no a/c for close to 2 hours.

We are staying at the Rumbaugh Palace in Jaipur tonight and tomorrow and will tour the area. Jaipur makes you forget that you are in India. I'm skipping over so much stuff, but I must get to my e-mails. I will post more in the am.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here we come!

I leave for India this week-end with a girlfriend, and our main reason for going is the wedding of the Patel's daughter. This trip for me, stirs up a lot of emotions, but the emotions are differnt from those that I had when Mark was born October 2008. This will be my first Hindu wedding, and I truly look forward to this exciting event, and will share it with all those who might be intersted. I will also vist the surrogate house, and drop off goodies that Ip's have asked me to leave.
What a week this has been, as I try to organize my household for the next two weeks. My brother called me today to let me know that he has shipped his international telephone, and that it should arrive tomorrow. I want to be able to communicate with Colin and Mark on a regular basis. My checklist is getting shorter, but I still have alot to do, so I'm off to bed at 12:05 a.m.