Friday, December 10, 2010


Time is flying by, and it looks like a c-section will take place on December 15th.  However we will be arriving on the 22nd.  This gives the babies a solid week on breast milk, which is a good thing.  It has finally hit me that we are having twins, even though mentally I have known about it for months.    I just ordered two baby bouncers, and have all of the clothing ready to be placed in the suitcase.  It looks like we will not need to stay in Anand, India for long, most likely just a couple of days, than we are off to Mumbai for the passports.  We will stay in Mumbai overnight, than head to New Delhi.

I'm thrilled about heading to New Delhi, to look at property for surrogate housing.  What I have found is that almost 99% percent of intended parent's want their surrogate to be housed and feed properly.  A number of doctors in New Delhi, who have until now only worked with locals, had no need for surrogate housing.  Being involved in this process gives me reassurance that while in the surrogate housing, these women will have mentally challenging things to do, and hopefully when they have time to reflect later on in life, they will look back on the process with happy thoughts.  The surrogates will have a driver who takes them to and from doctor's appointments, as well as a Den mother to preside over the housing. 

Before we leave, I will ask on of my neighbors to transcribe a letter from English to Gujarati, for our surrogate, thanking her for giving us all three of our children.  It is hard to believe that this one women has helped  to give us our family, both of us from totally different lives. We both have had an impact on each other, and I will be grateful to her always.


jon said...


This has been the most boring and smoothest twin pregnancy I can recall in quite some time. It just goes to show the end result of good planning and good choices by SMART, efficient, pro-active, sensible and, most important of all, socially responsible and aware intended parents like you and C. If everyone who went to India for babies followed your lead and displayed the practicality and social awareness that you do, it would be a very routine proposition to say the least. Keep your high standards girl.

Can't wait to see the pics!

Much hugs and safe travels to you and the family,


coco said...

i will be thinking of you all day on december 15th which is new york city time but i guess i should really be thinking of you all day december 14th nyc time as by then it will already be the 15th in india. my surrogate clinic is in new delhi (dr. shivani, whom i love and worship the ground she walks on). i'm so happy you will be going there. please say a little prayer (in any language in any religion will do) while you are there as you will be the closest to my little frozen embryos than i have been in the year since i've sent them there. i miss them so much. unfortunately we have ran out of funds and i couldn't be in a worst financial place - well actually i could be so i should count my blessings. lets just say i have never been in this bad of a financial position in my life. very sad about the whole ordeal which is why i haven't blogged - i need to though instead of taking up all of your space. any way the very very best to you and the family. can't wait to see pics
much love

Mark said...

This is all very exciting and it's just around the corner.
I wish for you the safest trip and I can't wait to log on one day and see these babies. Give them each a kiss from me.
Your Friend, m.
Oh, hey! Since you named your first son after me, my middle name is Christopher. Feel free to use it.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you and your family. You have a great heart and have brought much joy to so many. I know all is going to go well. Hope to hear good news soon. Oh, the twin gears, keep them cause I am going to be next in line. Your Friend in Frederick, MD