Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mark and his Question

This past week-end we were at a friends house, and they had not seen the BBC segment on TV.  We decided to go to Utube to watch the video.   When Mark saw me, of course he was happy to see his  mom and was kissing the screen, but then he looked at  Nayana our surrogate and said who's that.  For some strange reason his question  caught me off guard.  In an instant I felt some strange sort of angst come over me, but than I caught myself and  finally said she is mommy's friend.  I'm starting to realize how much little kid's as well as grown up really do not understand the process of surrogacy.  I think I would like to write a short little children's book that totally simplifies the story.


.jon said...

Many of us are in the same boat with that whole issue. I guess we just have to deal with it in the manner we feel is best for our own situations. Not an easy one for sure.

Mark said...

I think that you should.

Mandy said...

Oh Crystal,
there are tons of books to explain the ART process in kids literature.

check out my blog for the websit :) (some are sooo cute)

Saul and Ula said...

you can find quite a few children books explaining the surrogacy process in a really, really cute way. I was able to find at least 4 different titles on Amazon and bought 2. They are for a bit older children (3, maybe 4 years old) but they sit on the shelf in my nursery and wait for our twins to grow up a bit.