Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Collage of Photo's over the past 30 days!

Chicago from my Iphone
Colin & Mark

I decided to turn on the Christmas lights for Mark's 2nd Birthday! October 15, 2010

Beth Kohl with husband,  The honorable Gary Feinerman, along with Justice Kennedy

Eric & Dakota

Mark at Sukkot 2010

Mark at the Pumpkin Patch

Mark with his Boston College T-Shirt from Sean

Mark eating his cupcake at his party on Friday.  October 15th, 2010 he turned 2

Mark with a birthday present that Colin returned the next day!  He wanted a Redskins shirt.

Chicago Art Institute

Photo at Millenium Park Chicago, taken with my Iphone

Mark's camel from Dubai

Chicago skyline taken with my Iphone

1 comment:

.jon said...

Gulp. I knew you knew people in high places, but not that HIGH! You go girl. Michelle Obama got nuttin' on 'ya.

Mark is gorgeous. He looks like a very well-balanced and happy child. Good job to both of you!