Thursday, December 6, 2012

RED, GREEN & YELLOW Light mean GO in India!

I arrived this morning and quickly got into the full swing of India mode.  My plane was delayed by 2 hours and my driver was nowhere to be found when I arrived in Delhi.  Therefore I went with a local taxi guy who drove his beat up car as if it were a race car.  I was waiting for my head to hit the roof of his car at any moment. He theen took me to the wrong Hilton that I had booked and then I left my iPhone in his car.  Luckily for me I kept his receipt and the folks at Hilton called the cab company and for a price he retuned the telephone.

I am currently at another Hilton property which is very run down and they are charging me $250 per night and they claim it is a 4 star.  They are a 1/2 star kind of place.  The room is  smoky and the wifi works in spurts.  I am looking forward to meetings that have been arranged so that I can share with folks any new information in regards to surrogacy in India.

Stay tuned!

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