Thursday, December 20, 2012

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Local Couple Pursues Parenting Dream Overseas

I am back from India, and I am already missing the warm weather.   Surrogacy in India is still thriving and regulation is still on the plate.  Many in the legal world, are not sure if the process will truly be regulated, or if the situation will be diluted.   I was able to visit a number of surrogacy homes in Delhi, and it looks like a number of doctor's are stepping up to the plate, as far as clean and safe surrogate housing.  While visiting one surrogate house, it was impressive to see the women with their children in tow.  The doctor who ran that surrogate house said that the women feel better having the their children with them for the duration of the pregnancy.  With that said, there is still a lot of concern especially from local groups in regards to the growing rates of surrogates who have died after giving birth.

According to embassy officials, intended parent's going to India for surrogacy still need to be as vigilant  as possible when seeking out a doctor to help in the process of creating your family.  A number of cases have come up where the intended parents DNA tests have came back negative, meaning one or both of the intended parent's DNA did not match that of their baby or babies.   If this does come up, you will be required to adopt your baby and that process in India takes about 6 months. 

Surrogacy in India, is still a good option for many people.  Intended parent's should talk to other's who have gone through the process if they are able to, before you begin your journey to parenthood.

Happy Holidays  To All!

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