Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life with the twins & Mark

Elle/Twin A

Life with the 3 children has been interesting over the past couple of months.  Since we have been back at home, Mark continues to go to daycare full time, and we have finally hired a nanny who we are just thrilled to have in our home. Our nanny is a pro, and we are learning a lot from her.   Mark is no longer asking me to send his siblings back home on the plane, but will often inquire about there whereabouts, if he doesn't see them in his periphery.  The twins are not  yet sleeping through the night, but at least they sleep for 3 1/2 to 4 hours straight.  Alec weighed in at 4 pounds and now he is close to 10 pounds.  Elle weighed in at 5 pounds and she is close to 9 pounds.  Elle is the quiet one, and you barely know she is even there, but Alec makes up for both of them.  We call him the drama king.

Colin and I think this time was easier for us dealing with the twins,  than it was dealing with Mark as a baby.  We knew what to expect and we were organized.   We decided that we would not kill ourselves and feed every two hours, unless the twins woke up on their own.  They never did wake up every 2 hours, and that give a little breather.  We feed both of the twins together and this helps to keep them both on a good schedule.  As older parent's I must say we are not doing to bad.

We are headed off to California for a month, and the entire family will be going as Colin will be on a teaching assignment.   The twins will be meeting their cousins who they have not yet met, as well as their Aunt & Uncle.  We will also be seeing a number of friends who have also had babies that were born in Anand, or friends with babies on the way in Anand.  

Alec/Twin B

After the California trip, it looks like I will be headed by to Anand as well as New Delhi with clients.  If I have time, I'm thinking about making a side trip to Jaipur to do a little bit of shopping because I have come to love the textiles from India.   Hopefully, the monsoon season will still be at bay for my arrival.


Mark said...

Beautiful Babies! Thanks for the update. So since Elle is the quiet one, she gets to be called Twin A?
Enjoy you trip!
Your Friend, m.

Stephaniekb said...

I'm glad to see you blogging again! Life with 3 must be very interesting! Good luck with the travels!