Wednesday, March 16, 2011

20th Anniversary and 3 Children!



Our lovely Nanny

Today is our 20th Anniversary,and I would have never imagined that we would have 3 children  all under the age of three.  They are a dream come true.  We will celebrate our anniversary  while in California with friends and family.   Colin left for California early last Sunday morning and Mark and I dropped him off at the airport.  Mark cannot get the thought of India out of his head, so it does not matter that we told him several times that Daddy was  going to California.  He cried when Colin kissed him good-bye, but was okay after about 30 minutes in the car, when I promised him McDonald's french fries. 

The thought of taking care of 3 children on my own for a few weeks is no longer daunting because we have a lot of help.  That Sunday, we had our local college girl who helps on the week-ends with the children,  and my girlfriend Lisa came over that afternoon to help out.    Our nanny arrived on Sunday evening, and we moved Elle's bassinet into her bedroom so that I would only have to feed Alec at night.

  I'm still trying to decide when to travel to California within the next 7-9 days so that we can meet up with Colin and visit family and friends.  One of my goals for today is to look for good prices on tickets for our trip and to figure out what rental vehicle we are going to need while in California.  Currently, I drive I Volvo at home, and it is a nightmare getting all three children out of the car.   My brother and his wife along with their daughter will come out for a visit one weekend, which means we will need three car seats, and possibly a booster seat.

So far the week is going smoothly, and I'm feeling grateful for what I have, especially in light of what is happening in Japan.


Jeff and Kevin said...

Happy Anniversary!

Mark said...

Crystal, I am so sorry that I totally missed this post. I was checking in because it seemed like a million years since I heard any news about the children. Please accept my apologies and Congratulations on your Anniversary.
I'm thinking that I need to come and meet you soon. I'll shoot you an email. Give kisses to the kids from me. Mark