Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm back in India!

May 14, 2011---

This trip is so different from my last trip to India, bringing back the twins in December.  I’m sitting on the airplane with my Mac, as random thoughts enter my head, as I head to New Delhi and Gujarat for business.  My thoughts are on my family,  Colin, Mark, Elle and Alec.  Colin has all 3 children by himself tonight, but our nanny Esper, will come arrive on Sunday.  Leaving this time was much harder, as Mark begged me not to go to India, but then stated that he wanted to fly on the airplane with me.  He is a world traveler at this point.  Lately we have been using Raj when we fly out o town as it is much easier to get in and out of the airport if you hire someone.  This also makes life a lot easier when you have children.
The surrogacy world in India is constantly changing, therefore I feel that it is incumbent that I keep up with what his happening abroad,  as I facilitate surrogacy internationally.  The main purpose of the trip is to vet more doctors so that clients will have more options.  I also have meetings set up so that clients who are willing to go to Delhi will have an easier  process exiting out of Delhi.  Many American clients do not want to go to Delhi, due to the exit visa process.  People are still having problems getting exit visa's from Hyderabad as well as Delhi.

I just arrived in Delhi and it is about 8:30 pm and it is HOT!!.  I have never come to India in May  It is so hot, that I feel like I'm having a hard time just breathing, and my eyes feel like they are full of pollution or maybe I'm just tired from the flight. .  My driver is running a little bit late because my flight was showing that it was delayed, but we arrived early.  I meet an American on the plane who happens to work for the embassy in New Delhi, so we had a long talk about surrogacy in India and the problems associated with Delhi,  he gave me his contact number  and wants me to come to the embassy while I'm in Delhi to meet with them.  We both had a good chuckle as we were leaving the plane, as we were being pushed into, by locals adamant to get off of the plane and get their luggage at all costs.  If you have been to India before, you understand what I’m getting at.  The flights feel so commonplace at this point, that the 12 hour flight from Newark, NJ to Delhi whizzed by.  However, on this flight I found myself looking at photo’s of  my family on my Ipad, as I sat quietly jamming to my music.  A bit of advice for people flying to India, is that I always request kosher food, on the airplane.  I have found that it is fresher and always tastes better than the veg or the non veg that is offered.
My dinner tonight was lovely, and it was at a country club in Delhi where I have been before.  The butter chicken, and Roti were just lovely.  We had a number of other dishes but I cannot remember the names of the dishes at this point.  Well  I'm off to bed!

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jon said...

Keep up the good work, you're the only person I would ever trust working with as a facilitator. Amen.



PS - in my hood and you didn't stop in for some Masala Chai. Tsk tsk tak. I'll let it slide this time but next time I will have to put you on BIG-BAD-CYBER-BONJOUR-JON's doo-doo list. You don't want to be on that list. Just ask others! >wink<