Friday, May 15, 2009

Mark as a Wannabe Tennis Star

We took a picture of our son, Mark, in April 2009 during a visit to his grandparents' house in New Jersey. Here he is dressed up as a wannabe tennis star. He will be taking lessons from his grandpa, Eion McRae. Eion is already gearing up for the challenge by scheduling extra lessons with his coach, Mitchell.

If tennis doesn't work out there is always chess. Mark's father, Colin, has played chess for a long time. We had a visit from friends of the family in which their 5-year-old daughter played chess with Colin. Mark got into the act too. In his first game with a tournament chess set, Mark ate the knight. Crystal is not looking forward to the day, a mere three years from now, when Mark will first beat her in chess.


Intended Parents said...

Oh my god Crystal, he's GORGEOUS!!! Love the blog. You have a great story to tell and Mark will really appreciate reading it someday. You're amazing!


Amani said...

Oh boy, he's grown. He is adorable! Looking forward to watching him win a grand slam when I'm an old lady.

Angelicamom said...

He has grown so much since I saw him only a few months ago!! He is just gorgeous!!

Baby Dreams said...

He's so adorable Crystal..and he's grown so much.
What a little man.

..too cute!

Good luck in June.