Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Leaving for India

I swore that I would never fly Qatar again, but it was the best rate that  I could find. When Mark was born and we flew back on Qatar from Ahmedabad and was harrassed by the staff.  They questioned me for more than 2 hours, even with all of my documents in order.  I thought that we would not be allowed to leave India.  The main person doing all of the quizzing than asked me if I would sponser him in America. (Right)!

I leave Dullas airport, which is out of Northern Virginia on August 22nd, for New Delhi than to Gujarat.  I have meeting in New Delhi, than I'm off to help Najla for a few days in Anand.  Her surrogate is currently pregnant with twins and are due to be born near the end of the month.  It will be great to check on our surrogate who is also pregnant with twins as well as other clients surrogates. 

I purchased an iPad which will be great for the long flight as well as keeping in touch by e-mail with family and clients.  I want to purchase a good cell phone in India this time, because on the last trip my iPhone cost me lots..of money.


Brandon said...

Hi Crystal, I can show you how to unlock your iPhone. Then you can purchase a cheap SIM card in Anand. I even have a contact at the cell phone store across from Big Bazaar who can help set it up.

coco said...

glad you have an iPhone. please keep us posted. That is so great that you are involved with others along their journey. How do you do it?

.jon said...

We used Qatar on the return for the pickup and thought the service was great on the plane, very attentive staff (mostly eastern Asian), and best of all they guaranteed bassinets. However, being two gay guys with two babies on a plane full of Muslims was a little unnerving, we got some strange glares and stares for sure. The stop at Doha (Qatar's hub) was a nightmare though. The airport security staff was really hostile to us, they even did a strip search of the babies, just under 4 lbs each mind you. I am a very patient and tolerant person but that even shocked me. After security, the boarding staff detained us and confiscated our passports, making us wait to board for about 20 minutes. It was very awkward but afterwards we learned from someone who knows about airport procedures that they had probably contacted Interpol while we were detained to make sure there wasn't any baby trafficking going on... Even with two US passports and exit visas from the Indian govt and our own identification, I thought that was a bit over the top. I would only recommend Qatar if you can avoid a stop in Doha..

jojo said...

It'd be great to catch up! Drop me a line when you arrive in Delhi, I'm sure we'll still be here. Safe flight and enjoy your new, shiny toy. x

Anonymous said...

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crystal said...

Hello Anon--

If you could read in English, than why send a message in a lanuage that I would have to decode. Please send your message in English!

Mark said...

Have a safe trip Crystal and I can't wait to get updates.
Your Friend, m.

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Pepito said...

we were in mumbai this january, and was not able to purchase a sim card, they needed a permanent address or atleast a sponsor to verify my address.

Anonymous said...

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