Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back in India

I finally arrived and I'm here with Najla and the twins.  They are extremely small but very beautiful.  Yesterday I was afraid to pick them up, but today I'm more confident about handling them.  We went to the clinic today to figure out the particulars of what we will be doing tomorrow as CNN will be filming.  On  Monday, it's BBC turn than I'm off to New Delhi for business on Tuesday. I

My flight on Qatar went off without a hitch, it was the flight from New Delhi to Anand that reminded me of what India is usually like.  I thought it would be good to try Indi Go, because I never flew with them....Well....never again.  My flight that was suppose to leave at 7:40 but they were still loading at 7:40 and 8:00 so they lost their rights to take off out of the airport.  In turn all 150 passengers had to suffer and sit on the tarmac for 2 hours as punishment for Indi Go, because they decided that a few more rupees was worth ruining the day for 150 passengers.  The flight attendants proceeded to go down the aisle asking passengers what they would like to eat for a fee.  It was mostly men on the plane and I thought we were about to have a WAR, because of all of the shouting.  Something similar to this happened to Beth and I in November on SpiceJet.  The domestic airlines in India leave a lot to be desired.  They ought to pay passengers to fly them.

The weather here so far has been better than Maryland and Washington DC.  The food at the resort has been great, but than again I'm told that everyone puts on a nice show when I arrive because I send them a lot of customers.  I have a meeting set up with them on Friday to discuss some concerns that I have when I send clients to the resort.   (Madhubhan Resort & Spa).

Before I forget, the Patels are having a lot of work done on the clinic, and it looks great.  I will post some photo's tomorrow.  


(Jon thanks for all of your pointers, and let me know if you would like me to pick up anything for your boy's)


.jon said...

I'd like two Indian nannies if you could stuff them in your bag that would be great! LOL

The twins will grow as long as they are healthy that's all that counts. Our Christopher was born 3.5lbs and has already passed 30lbs at just over a year old. Najla needs to get them started on Neosure formula as soon as possible so they can catch up.

Can't wait to see the new spots on Dr Patel. Hopefully she has learned her lesson a bit and will have some editorial control this time. I honestly don't know how this woman does it given all the mud that is flung at her and she continues to open herself up to the media to tell her story. She is a very remarkable and strong woman for sure...

ed said...

My question is, will my comments appear in Sanskrit? What else would you expect from a New Yorker? I'm glad the flights were bearable, and we're glad you arrived safely. Peace!

Tigerlilycat said...

Crystal, try Air India next time. I flew with them Mumbai/Delhi return and they were great.

Looking forward to seeing some photos in your next update! And we'd like some nannies too if you can send them down here...

Mark said...

I want to know more about this filming with CNN? Will you be on television?