Friday, July 6, 2012



Mark said...

Great interview!
And I'm waiting for that Reality T.V. show.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations, you've helped so many people reach their dreams with your honesty, intelligence, experience and integrity. You know exactly what to do and what (and whom) potential IPs should avoid. Especially for American IPs, where the world is not always a friendly place and knowing whom you can trust is not always obvious. Just because potential American IPs can find clinics with English-speaking abilities or English-speaking facilitators who have an aggressive marketing pitch and script to use, it's only when we rely on our own people to tell us like it is that we (as Americans) can have a comfort-level in this process and to help potential IPs avoid the nightmare scenarios that you sometimes find with some unethical Indian surrogacy clinics and/or their equally unethical Western handlers.

I can't tell you how many emails or stories I get from people who make the wrong decisions or receive the wrong guidance, from outfits they deemed trustworthy initially and from people and references whom they felt "were like us", only to experience deep pain when things go horribly wrong and, in the end, to get a terse, scriopted apology from an email address outside the US.

Keep up the good work - your commitment to helping so many people should be commended! I know you are not one to toot your horn at every live birth you help facilitate, nor pressure/expect your clients to do so as well, but if people knew how hard you work at this and the amazing results you have helped effect they would be as amazed as I am. Your professionalism and discretion is invaluable.