Monday, May 3, 2010

Sleepless in Maryland

Within the next 48 hours, Dr. Nayana Patel will implant our surrogate.  I didn't think for one moment that I would be anxious, but it is close to mid-night and my mind is racing.  Did we do the right thing shipping frozen sperm?  Colin was sick when he made his deposits at the cyrobank.  Mark was born due to Colin's frozen sperm, so there is hope.  We seem to be less excited, although we both would love a sister for Mark.  It looks like we both have gone into the mode self-preservation.  Colin has not even asked when the transfer will be done.  It looks like I will just give him the results after the two week wait. 


Anonymous said...

May your wish come true. You are in my thoughts: Bindu

CocoaMasala said...

Sending you Thought and Prayers for a successful cyle

Amani said...

Good luck for baby number two. Hope it's girl for you.

Mike and Mike said...

Both Rose and Eva were from popsiclelized swimmers so I wouldn't worry too much. They had to freeze and rethaw our samples because the egg-donor was late on her cycle.

Here's wishing you the best!